What are TOTT?

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So I have been out of geocaching for about nine years. But I see some people referring to TOTT in their logs and some of the geocache descriptions. I understand that it stands for tools of the trade, but what does that mean when it comes to Geocaching? Obviously you have to have a GPS, and the good pen or pencil is pretty important. But recently I looked for a geocache that had TOTT in its name and I found out later on after I couldn’t find it that it was 25 feet up in a tree. I don’t happen to have a 25 foot pole and I wouldn’t consider that “Standard TOTT”.

When I geocache I have a backpack with trade swag, a water bottle, a few pens, my magnetic compass and DEET spray. But as I read previous cache logs and descriptions I am getting the feeling that I’m needing to change my “loadout”. When you go out geocaching what you take with you as part of your standard TOTT?