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Hello, my name is Michael Hamarstrom.  I bought a GPSr in 2000 just after I graduated from college right after they became available for civilian use.  I used it for hiking and backpacking.  It was not until 2005 that my brother had brought to my attention geocaching.  I had just read of it in an article in a magazine and I cannot remember how he came upon it.  We decided to sign up as a team under the name thehamarbros and give it a shot.

Our first mission was to hunt for a cache less than a mile from our parents house in Burlington over Thanksgiving.  It was windy and freezing.  Record lows.  We failed and I was convinced that we needed a shovel.

The next day we tried a different cache and came up successful.  Then we tried another and after looking for what seemed like forever my brother said,”If I were to hide something I would hide it under a log.”  He picked up a random log. It was hollow and the cache was inside it.  I was hooked after that.  We went back to our original DNF and made the find.

We cached a couple of years together before my little brother, Jeffrey AKA Sushi, went off to grad school in Utah.  He took a new name, HawkeyeHikers, with his girlfriend.  Leaving me with thehamarbros.  I did not want to change it so I kept it the same.  I attempted solo caching but I was working several jobs and had many projects going on.

In 2009 my Father, Jeff AKA Dr_Jeff on, got into geocaching after retiring the year before.  I decided to only go caching in the area if he was in town.  We had several great years of caching together with many, many adventures.  In 2011 my first daughter, Ashlyn, was born and became another caching partner.  My dad, her, and I did many caches together.  Unfortunately, my dad passed away unexpectedly in 2013.  In 2014 my second daughter Jara was born.  I try to take my girls with me on as many geocaches as possible.

I love to be outside and explore.  Geocaching has taken me on many adventures.


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