Cache Listing Services

  • Groundspeak/ - is the most well-known cache listing service. Cache lists, traveler tracking, user forums.
  • Navicache - is a close runner up. Cache lists, user forums.
  • Terracaching - is a community of cachers and a listing of TerraCaches hidden all over the world.

Traveler Tracking Sites

  • Traveler Tags - Relative newcomer offers lots of flexibility in what can be tracked. First 5 tracking numbers are free.

Caching Organizations

  • KeenPeople - KeenPeople allows users to keep track of their geocaching stats. User forums and some neat logo items.
  • Geocacher-U - Home of CYBret's "Paperless Caching" tutorial, and a very nice brochure explaining geocaching in simple terms.
  • Central Iowa Geocachers - This Yahoo e-mail exchange is what's left of a very informal geocaching group in central Iowa.

Caching Info & FAQ’s

  • Geocaching Explained Brochure - Very nicely done brochure explaining geocaching. Keep a couple in your pack in case someone asks what you are doing.
  • CacheStats for Iowa - Lists the top 200 Iowans...based on number of cache finds.

Outdoor & Environmental Links

  • Leave No Trace - LNT Center for Outdoor Ethics builds awareness, appreciation and respect for our wildlands.
  • The Sierra Club - America's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization.
  • Iowa DNR - Links and maps for all state-operated parks and preserves
  • Iowa DNR Deer Info - Includes links to current hunting seasons and regulations. To obtain information on 2005 URBAN deer seasons go to "2005 Deer Regulations" and visit pages 28 and 29.

Outdoor Gear

Software Links

  • Easy GPS - Free, easy to use application to manage waypoints.
  • GPX Spinner - Generates HTML pages, and descriptive waypoint names from a pocket query file.
  • Plucker - Free application to convert a series of html pages into a file for use on a Palm Pilot.
  • USA Photo Maps - Very nice (free) application that downloads and "stitches together" aerial or topo maps.
  • GSAK - Geocaching Swiss Army Knife - Similar to GPX Spinner but this one maintains a database and has more import/export and filter options.'s the best. I use it exculsively.
  • The Selector - Can be used to generate icons to describe your cache so "...fellow cachers 'Know before they go'!".

Other Links

  • Letter Boxing - Pre-cursor to geocaching, uses descriptions and hints instead of GPS.
  • Minute War - MinuteWar is a game of capture-the-flag using the whole world as the playing field.