How can I participate in the IGO newsletter?

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There are many ways for you to participate in YOUR IGO newsletter.  The Search is a newsletter that is FOR YOU, BY YOU

You Can:

  • Submit an article.  There are a lot of things that you can write an article about.  Some ideas might be an article about a cool Iowa event that you attended or about an experience you had while out geocaching.
  • Submit a photo.  Ideas for a photo submission could be of some wildlife or wild flowers that you have come across while out caching.  Another idea is some photos of a fun time you had out geocaching or at an event.
  • Submit a cacher profile.  There are a lot of great questions on this form. You can answer all of the questions or a few.  Have fun with it.
  • Submit a Geo-video or Podcast This can be a video about anything related to Iowa geocaching.  There are a lot of fun possibilities with this one.

The submissions that you make should all pertain to Iowa geocaching in some way.  If there is content about or showing someone else, please ask all the necessary permissions before submitting.  Please keep all content family friendly.  If you have any questions please contact The Search at   Thank you for your submissions.