Events Committee

Members of this committee currently include:

The Events Committee is responsible for:

  • Acting as first line of contact for individuals seeking event-related assistance from IGO.
  • Setting policies for all sponsored events.
  • Assisting with setup and organization of events, as necessary.
  • Supplying events with funds, equipment, signs, brochures, temporary caches and similar items as needed.

The IGO classifies all events as either “sponsored” or “non-sponsored”. IGO may supply materials (signs, brochures, name tags, temporary cache containers, FRS repeater, etc.) and assistance in the planning and execution of any event with pre-approval of the Committee and formal approval from the Board.

The Committee is responsible for determining if an event is to be classified as “sponsored” or “non-sponsored” based on how it meets the following criteria.

  • Location
    • Sponsored events should provide positive impact for the area. 
    • IGO will work to spread events around the state so two or more in the same region and timeframe are not likely to receive IGO sponsorship. 
    • Sponsored events should encourage more caches and IGO members in the area.
  • Public Relations
    • A sponsored event must promote good relations with the local park management.
    • Sponsored events should take advantage of local/regional advertising (news coverage, etc.) outside of IGO or to attract new cachers.
    • Events that actively involve youth groups (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc.) are encouraged.
  • Timing
    • Sponsored events should not conflict with previously posted dates of similar events in the same region. Exceptions may be made if the Board elects to sponsor two or more “regional” Iowa events (such as Earth Day CITO’s and the like).
    • Events intended to repeat annually or semiannually may receive special consideration.
  • Purpose
    • Sponsored events will generally have a theme or specific purpose like CITO, youth group relations, recruiting or educating new geocachers.

Unless noted otherwise and formally approved by the Board, all IGO sponsored events will:

  • Be eligible for funding from the IGO, generally in the form of reimbursement for predetermined and authorized expenses.
  • Be posted to under the IGO user account (they will appear as “by IowaGeocachersOrg and...”).
  • Accept donations (a labeled can or box will be provided) to help offset costs and fund future events and IGO activities.
  • Have at least one IGO Board member in attendance and responsible for collecting donations and distributing IGO-specific information.

Budgets for sponsored events will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The Committee will ask the event organizer to submit a written estimate of all reimbursable costs for the event. Examples of reimbursable fees may include: park/shelter fees, printing/copying and food/beverage expenses. The Committee will review the estimate and make changes if needed before a proposed budget is submitted to the Board for amendments and approval by vote.

The IGO will be under no obligation to reimburse expenses which were not pre-approved by the Board. Event organizers should save receipts for all reimbursable expenses as the Board may require verification of expenses before reimbursement.

Non-sponsored events include any that do not meet the criteria for IGO sponsorship; however, all event organizers are encouraged to review and apply the criteria posted above to help ensure a successful event. IGO will not contribute funds to a non-sponsored event but materials and assistance can be provided as requested by the event organizer and with approval of the Committee.  Materials may include items like cache containers, signs, brochures, pens/pencils, FRS radios and repeater unit. Assistance may be in the form of planning, advertising and day-of-the-event coordination.

IGO encourages all members to organize events and we will do all that we can to assist and help make every event a successful one.