Can I contribute photos to the Images of the IGO?

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If you have some images you want to share here please scale them to exactly 620x206 pixels and send them to along with a title for each image.  If the images are suitable for publication they will probably show up in our new gallery and on the home page.

A couple of notes about the home page Images of the IGO block...

  • Every time you visit the IGO home page the system picks 5 Images of IGO at random for display.  Each time you come back you'll see a different set of five. 
  • Move your cursor over an image to pause the the slide rotation and to see the "title" of the image.
  • Click on any image to display its details, and from the detail page click on either of the "Images of the IGO" links to see the thumbnail gallery of all images in our collection. Click on any thumbnail there to see the full-size image.