Cache Info

In these Cache Info pages you will find information about (and links to) many of the caches hidden in Iowa.

Visit the Cache Lists page for “top ten” style lists of Iowa caches in various categories. IGO members can “vote” for their favorite cache in each category so visit often to see which caches are #1! Then, visit the Cache Favorites Map page to see where these top-ranking caches can be found in Iowa.

Check out the New Iowa Caches page for a map and list of all the active caches placed in Iowa in the last 30 days.

We used to have a "County Info" page with a clickable map of Iowa but it wasn't well-maintained.  So, we are rebuilding our "land manager" data and IGO BOD members now have the ability to add information to the list so check the FAQs page for details and contact a BOD member to add or update info.  That information can now be found under Organization Info on our Land Managers Data page.