August 2017 Cache-of-the-Month (COTM)

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Voting for this COTM is now open.  Voting is generally open during the last 2 weeks of the target month.   While voting is enabled you should see a 'Vote' button below the list of choices.
Month and Year: 
August 2017
COTM Theme: 
Anything Goes!

IGO COTM for August is underway.  Please submit to your nominations and vote for your favorite!   

The theme for August is "Anyting Goes".

This months theme is "Anything Goes Cache". Any ACTIVE cache that hasn't previously won is eligible. 


To ensure that we have accurate numbers and your vote is registered, please make sure you have the coordinates for your hometown or zipcode entered in your Profile. Otherwise your vote will register incorrect mileage and may not be counted. This can be done under the "My Account" link which appears in the left-hand Navigation menu that bears your username. 

Nominated Caches - Use the links provided in the table below to learn more about these caches.

GC74BB7Remember December 7th! by PJM (Iowa/Nederland), Multi-cache (2/1.5)
GC61CTroll Cache by Cache Machine, Traditional Cache (1/1.5)
GC6J40ECloaca by Nascar Joe (NCJ), Unknown Cache (3.5/5)
GC6XPV4Just Another LPC by Team CatLemur, Traditional Cache (3/1.5)