August 2012 Cache-of-the-Month (COTM)

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The COTM Winner is...

GC3EAR8 - Highlander by Team Iowian, Unknown Cache (5/4.5) [COTM: August 2012]

Nominated Caches - Use the links provided in the table below to learn more about these caches.

GC2XGFQCoded in Scratches by CF_syngyn, Unknown Cache (5/2) [COTM: February 2015]
GC2D35XNo Bluffin' Lagrac Surpasses 10,000!! by Driftless Area Cachers, Traditional Cache (1/3.5) [COTM: August 2012]
GC3FJAYCrack the Safe! by The Morgan Clan, Multi-cache (5/5) [COTM: April 2015]
GC3PNKBMirror, Mirror... Who's the cleverest one of all by Aceey, Multi-cache (3.5/2) [COTM: April 2015]
GC3BN67Wartburg Castle by birgenfamily, Wherigo Cache (1.5/1) [COTM: August 2012]
GC3PW1GThe Abyss by SuperGoober, Traditional Cache (4.5/5) [COTM: August 2012]
GC1432TThe Spillway by AB-n-AP, Multi-cache (3/2) [COTM: August 2012]
GC3EAR8Highlander by Team Iowian, Unknown Cache (5/4.5) [COTM: August 2012]