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You are more than welcome to have a look around the internet home of the Iowa Geocachers Organization.  Many of the features of this web site (and of the IGO) are restricted to members only.  But membership is FREE and we'd love to count you among our many members.

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Our Mission: To support and promote geocaching in and around Iowa through the education of geocachers, public officials, and the general public; to encourage safe, legal, and ethical geocaching practices; and to encourage and support an open, helpful, and fun geocaching community.

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March 2015 Cache-of-the-Month (COTM)

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Month and Year: 
March 2015
COTM Theme: 
Favorite Engineered Cache

IGO COTM for March is underway.  Please submit your nominations and vote for your favorite!   

The theme for March is "Favorite Engineered Cache".

This month's theme is all about 'gadget' caches. You know, those crazy ones that takes something special to find, get in to, or to sign the logsheet.  What's your favorite "Engineered Cache"?  Let us know your nomination by 3/15/15!!

To ensure that we have accurate numbers and your vote is registered, please make sure you have the coordinates for your hometown or zipcode entered in your Profile. Otherwise your vote will register incorrect mileage and may not be counted. This can be done under the "My Account" link which appears in the left-hand Navigation menu that bears your username. 

Nominated Caches - Use the links provided in the table below to learn more about these caches.

GC1M007Talk to me by SuperGoober, Traditional Cache (3.5/1) [COTM: December 2009]
GC3PNKBMirror, Mirror... Who's the cleverest one of all by Aceey, Multi-cache (3.5/2) [COTM: February 2013]
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IGO Semi-Formal Dinner

You are invited to attend

A Semi-formal dinner with the


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Calendar Cookbook Christmas Combo

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This is a limited time offer!!  IGO is  providing a special holiday discount when ordering our new calendar and also our cookbook at the same time!!  A $27 value for only $20!!!  Supplies are ge

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IGO 2015-16 Calendar

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This 18 month calendar is a great gift to yourself or to give to others!!  The next year and a half is covered with this item.  Did you seek and find any of the Bucky Murals in the last contest?  If you missed any of them, here they are!!  Do you know what caches earned COTM status recently?  T

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Supporting Membership

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Please do NOT combine your Supporting Membership order with other IGO products!  Failure to order separately may result in not being properly assigned supporting member status!!

Please click "Read More" to get details regarding your donation!

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February 2015 Cache-of-the-Month (COTM)

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The COTM Winner is...

GC1K41Q -

The Siege! by SuperGoober & Parabola, Traditional Cache (5/5) [COTM: February 2015]

Nominated Caches - Use the links provided in the table below to learn more about these caches.

GC1A7PDRangers Lead The Way by Plumberbutt, Traditional Cache (2.5/3.5) [COTM: February 2015]
GC1K41QThe Siege! by SuperGoober & Parabola, Traditional Cache (5/5) [COTM: February 2015]
GC2XGFQCoded in Scratches by CF_syngyn, Unknown Cache (5/2) [COTM: February 2015]
GC38JPJF Marks The Spot by iowaPete, Traditional Cache (2.5/1.5) [COTM: February 2015]
GC13QGQThe Great Fossil Hunt by IowaBeaver, Earthcache (2/3) [COTM: February 2015]
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Geocaching and the Bonuses that Come with It

Geocaching is such a great activity - there's nothing like it that I've found, which challenges one physically and mentally, and you still have a wonderful time doing it!  My folks started Geocaching several years ago, and I would go with them once in a great while, but I rarely left the car and I didn't watch where they went or what they were doing.

Supporting Member Prize Vault

The IGO Prize Vault is almost empty!!  We need help from our membership to fill the Prize Vault back up again.  So we are going to do something a little bit different for the month of August.  Any IGO member who donates a prize to the Prize Vault will have their name entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize from the Prize Vault.  It does not matter whether you are a Supporting Member or not, anyone that makes a donation to the Prize Vault has a chance to win.  

Event Commitee Begins Search

The Event Committee has begun it’s search for the 2015 Hike N Seek Event.  If the idea of hosting this event sounds wonderful, and you are interested please contact  or anyone on the events committee.  Other members include:  Hollfolk, Repmul, Digger9, and Doc29.  We’ll get additional information to you about the process.  Anyone interested should submit a brief plan and ideas they have for this event by July 30, 2014 so that the committee can consider all ideas and select the best h

IGO and BUcky Celebrate 10 Years

Iowa Geocachers Organization (IGO) is ten years old.  To celebrate this, the IGO Board of Directors will be hosting ten birthday parties through out the summer.  Below is a list of locations for these events.  Harlan, Waterloo/Cedar Falls, LeMars, Cedar Rapids, Mount Pleasant, Sac City, Clinton, DesMoines, Dubuque, and Ottumwa.  That’s right ten birthday celebration in ten different Iowa cities.  Not all of the celebrations have been scheduled yet so watch for the event near you.  Each event will have a game or two where you will be able to donate to IGO with c